Episode 224:

Culture matters. As agency owners and leaders, we get that. And we love creating a “great culture.” But, developing a great culture is about more than beer o’clock and having a ping pong table. Yes, fun is important. But if you want to attract and retain the top talent in your industry, that alone is not going to cut it.

John Waid of Corporate Culture Consulting joins us on this episode of Build A Better Agency to teach us a fresh approach to developing agency culture. He explains how to identify and define your organization’s culture, so you can align it with your strategic goals.

By focusing on organizational culture instead of a more superficial definition culture, we create an environment where the best employees want to stay and thrive. It enables us to map out our core values so we can weave them into the DNA of the agency and establish clear rules of engagement for clients, peers, and leadership alike.

John has a very unique perspective on how culture comes to life and how you can foster a culture that is outcome-focused. This conversation will reshape your perspective even if you think you have this one nailed.

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What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • Superficial culture vs. organizational culture
  • The factors that contribute to a great agency culture
  • How your culture plays a major role in talent acquisition and retention
  • How to set behavioral expectations that bring your agency’s core values to life
  • Why a great culture has the potential to course-correct a poor work ethic
  • How to introduce new values to your agency and maintain them for years to come

The Golden Nugget:

“A great culture gives everyone an understanding of what the expectations are and how they can be successful in the agency.” @DrewMcLellan Click To Tweet “Companies of all sizes experience chaos because they haven’t defined a clear culture.” @C3PeopleSkills Click To Tweet “If you don’t have a values-based culture, it is difficult to be an effective decision-maker.” @C3PeopleSkills Click To Tweet “The best way to introduce new values in your agency is to involve your team members in the process.” @C3PeopleSkills Click To Tweet “The best way to introduce new values in your agency is to involve your team members in the process.” @C3PeopleSkills Click To Tweet “Behaviors can be taught and ingrained into your employees until they become habits. Once they become habits, you know you’ve built a culture that’s sustainable.” @C3PeopleSkills Click To Tweet

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