Episode 26:

Lee McKnight Jr. is the Director of Business Development for RSW/US in Cincinnati, Ohio. They are a new business development firm that works solely with agencies and marketing services firms. After graduating law school, he ran away as fast possible from that profession and worked for an internet healthcare start-up until the bubble burst and his magical stock options disappeared in the late 90s.

Fast forward through some interesting marketing and sales positions to RSW/US where Lee has spent the last 8 years working with agencies of all types to help drive their new business efforts. A big fan of history, comics and horror novels, he’s currently in a few bands in Louisville and Cincinnati and likes to pretend that chicks dig married, 44-year-old guys with kids that play in cover bands.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to prevent your agency from making the major mistakes that agencies make all the time
  • Why agencies need to specialize instead of generalize
  • New business: how to develop a better, simpler process
  • How to use a delicately balanced process that uses all different kinds of marketing
  • Why patience is so key in closing on new business
  • The importance of having one person who is the leader on a project
  • Why there needs to be a balance between showcasing the figurehead and the agency
  • The tools you’re going to need to put into practice the objectives discussed in this episode


The Golden Nugget:

“You need to get back to the basics. Simplify your process for new business.” – @LeeMcKnightJr Click To Tweet

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