Episode 214:

You are agency owners, not career keynote speakers. But that does not mean you don’t earn your living as a presenter. You present every day of your professional lives. You hold one-on-one meetings in your office and lead all-agency meetings. Some of you are speaking at conferences and tradeshows as well.

By sharing your expertise, teaching, and demonstrating that you know your stuff, you will create biz dev opportunities that start deeper in the funnel. It doesn’t matter if public speaking is a strength or a source of anxiety, it is a learnable skill where craft outranks natural talent.

My guest Michael Port has written six best-selling books including Book Yourself Solid and Steal the Show. He has spent the last several years developing and honing the company he co-owns with his wife Amy, Heroic Public Speaking (HPS). HPS conducts training programs for speakers of all walks of life. When I think about great public speakers that are commanding top fees for keynoting, almost all of them have gone through some level of training with Michael and Amy. But they also train people who will never step on a formal stage, but just want to present their ideas in a more compelling way.

The people who go through the HPS program develop confidence and the ability to command an audience. Michael joins us on this episode of Build a Better Agency to talk about the art and science of presentation. He explains how we can use it to serve our agencies, our teams, and our clients in bigger, better ways.

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What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • You are presenting and public speaking every day
  • Why speeches are an unrivaled biz dev opportunity
  • Michael Port’s story, and the work he and his wife Amy are doing with Heroic Public Speaking
  • Why presenting is a combination of art and science
  • How mastery of public speaking will enable you to become a more effective agency owner

The Golden Nugget:

“If your life can change for the better by improving your ability to communicate, it makes sense to develop that craft.” @michaelport Click To Tweet “During a presentation, authenticity and naturalism often come from preparation.” @michaelport Click To Tweet “A lot of great speeches lie at the intersection of educational content and theatrical elements.” @michaelport Click To Tweet “Whether you are sitting across the table from an employee or standing on-stage at a national conference, all of you present every day.” @DrewMcLellan Click To Tweet “A lot of great speeches lie at the intersection of educational content and theatrical elements.” @michaelport Click To Tweet “One of the big problems that we often encounter with speeches is that people bring too much plane for too little runway. They bring content for an entire day and attempt to deliver it in 45 minutes.” @michaelport Click To Tweet

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