Episode 194:

My entreé into agency life was as a copywriter. I loved digging around and finding the story underneath the story. That love was the foundation for my belief in the power of a strong and smart brand. For decades my agency has helped clients define, develop, and deploy their brand both internally and externally. It’s still some of my favorite work to do.

Understanding your unique story is a powerful competitive advantage for our clients and our own agencies. Without understanding what makes us unique – we have to swim in the sea of sameness and that’s definitely swimming upstream!

In this episode, we’re digging into storytelling by understanding it at the root level. There is an architecture to stories and I have gone to the expert to learn more about that structure and how, as agencies, we can better use it to build our clients’ brands – and our own as well.

My guest is Park Howell. For 25 years, Park ran an agency in Arizona called Park & Co. At a certain point in his career, he pivoted his agency to become a storytelling consultant, helping clients learn how to tell their own story. Park founded his consultancy, The Business of Story, on January 1, 2016, so he could partner with leaders of purpose-driven organizations and help them clarify their stories, amplify their impact, and simplify their lives.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • How the hero’s journey has been with us since the beginning of storytelling
  • Why story is one of the most powerful tools in your brand building arsenal
  • How to help clients live into their most powerful stories
  • Who should be the hero of the story (the answer might surprise you)
  • Why it is so hard for agencies to discover and tell their own stories
  • How storytelling connects with something so primal in all of us
  • How to use storytelling to help customers fulfill what they wish, will, and want
“When you are telling a brand story, you want to tell it from the perspective and framework of your customer. They are at the center. They are the hero in your story.” – @ParkHowell Click To Tweet “As you go through the brand story, you are asking who is the hero of the journey, and what is it that they wish, will, and want?” – @ParkHowell Click To Tweet “It’s often hard for agencies to discover and describe their own story. There’s no harm in asking for help and an outside perspective.” – @ParkHowell Click To Tweet “When was the last time you were bored into buying anything?” – @ParkHowell Click To Tweet “There's actually something to the hero’s journey story framework that's been around since the beginning of time that is all around us in our lives.” – @ParkHowell Click To Tweet The stories you tell are not about what you make, but what you make happen in people's lives.” – @ParkHowell Click To Tweet

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