Episode 207:

Many agency owners are struggling to not only understand laws like the CCPA and GDPR, but more important — determine what your agency has to do to be compliant and avoid liability. What laws apply to your shop and your clients? What does compliant even mean in terms of practical do’s and don’ts? What is the chain of responsibility if clients make bad choices? What are mistakes we should avoid?

My guest Ruth Carter is an Arizona-based business, intellectual property, and internet attorney; a best-selling author who literally wrote the book on the legalities of blogging; has been living and breathing the new CA privacy law and works with agencies every day to help them manage the hype and interpret the laws accurately.

Ruth and I had a lively conversation about privacy laws and what they mean for agencies. Ruth is a wealth of legal and privacy information for agencies and a brilliant navigator for this tricky subject.

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What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • What determines which privacy laws an agency and our clients need to follow
  • How agencies can protect themselves if clients don’t follow privacy recommendations and get into legal trouble
  • Privacy disclaimers, policies, and declarations needed for an agency’s website
  • Whether your agency has to abide by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and/or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Privacy mistakes that get agencies into hot water
  • The importance of transparency when adding clients to your email list
  • Why most agencies can take a deep breath – they’re probably already complying with the law

The Golden Nuggets:

“Be aware of where your audience is and do your homework accordingly.” - @rbcarter Click To Tweet “If I'm an agency, I would say have a solid privacy policy and clear policies about what information you collect. How are you protected?” - @rbcarter Click To Tweet If you already have integrity and transparency, you're probably most of the way there.” - @rbcarter Click To Tweet “I prefer that people be upfront and say, yes, you're adding me to your list, which is different than if you want to send me an email about the product or service I bought.” - @rbcarter Click To Tweet “Make sure you have proper security and be transparent about what you're doing, even if it's obvious what you're doing.” - @rbcarter Click To Tweet

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