Episode 211:

Every year we partner with Audience Audit to conduct research that we know will benefit agency leaders. This year, we decided to re-visit some of the questions we initially asked in 2014 to see if there had been significant shifts. In some ways, the results showed a consistent trend and in some other areas, there’d been some pretty significant changes.

In the 2019 study we included clients from the US, Canada, Australia and the UK and there were over 1,000 respondents who participated.

In this episode we’ll walk you through some of the most significant ah ha moments in the study in terms of what clients value, how they view us, and the kinds of work they think we do best. We will also talk about some of the new questions around agency specialization and agency owner involvement in key accounts.

Listen in as Susan Baier, president of Audience Audit and I explore the insights and talk about the implications of this new research. We’d also like to invite you to join us on November 12th (if you’re listening to this in real time) as we walk folks through every single question and data point in a live webinar just for you!

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What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • What remained steady and what shifts we saw from the 2014 study
  • The three distinct audience segments we uncovered and how each of them view agencies
  • Why over 50% of all respondents work with an agency who is 200+ miles away from them
  • How you can get the complete download during the webinar on November 12th

The Golden Nugget:

“I love the work we do for agencies because they’re my people. I want to help them win the game every time!” @susanbaier Click To Tweet

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