AMI Owners Network

“I have been a member of an agency network since 1998. We have grown from 9 people to 40. The network has been a tremendous benefit at every stage. AMI is one of the reasons we have been able to grow profitably and stay on the forefront of the changes in the industry. I have also made some true and lasting friendships with other agency owners.”

Scott LoSasso, LoSasso Integrated Marketing May 23, 2017

“Regardless of the stage your agency is in; startup, established, stagnant, or high-growth, you can always benefit from the camaraderie and knowledge of other owners. What makes AMI unique is Drew’s leadership – imagine getting the perspective of someone with a window into the operations of hundreds of agencies, just an email or phone call away. Additionally, Drew holds specific workshops that are in-depth training for running your business or skill building for your staff with outside speakers, which gives him further insight into the marketing industry. As someone new to the role of president for our agency, it has been invaluable for me to have Drew’s counsel and the friendship and wise advice of our network. Our agency is more profitable because of our membership in AMI.”

Sara Steever, Paulsen May 23, 2017

“AMI is incredibly valuable to me and my agency. It is both my largest source of information and my most important support network. My group inspires the wins and consoles the losses. It’s the only place I can be truly honest about what I face every day as a small agency owner.”

Rich Quarles, glassCanopy May 23, 2017

“I’ve been a member of the AMI Owner Network since 2014. The ability to meet twice a year with other agency owners who are walking in your shoes is invaluable. Unlike other owner round table groups I’ve been a part of, at AMI everyone at the table has a deep understanding of the challenges unique to running an agency, so the feedback and suggestions are much more on point. Additionally, Drew is a wealth of knowledge. I’ve greatly benefited from his wisdom and insights. If you own an agency, you owe it to yourself to check out AMI.”

Marc Fowler, Bullseye Media May 23, 2017

“Nothing has done more to grow my agency than my AMI network group. My agency has grown 20% year over year since I joined. When I look back at where I started to where I am now, I can attribute that growth wholeheartedly to what I’ve learned from my network. Beyond the increase in my bottom line, my network group has given me the professional support I’d never get on my own and we’ve developed a circle of lifelong friendships.”

Leanne Pressly, Stitchcraft Marketing May 23, 2017

“I’ve found the AMI Owner Network to be highly informative and a useful tool which has allowed me to take my agency to the next level.  Having joined in 2012 my agency had 25 employees and today we’re over 70. Learning from other owners, sharing ideas, and quite frankly – getting some tough love, has enabled me to avoid potentially costly and distracting landmines.  I’ve participated in other network groups and have found them all lacking, AMI’s network is chalk full of agency owners willing to share and participate.”

Greg Messerle, Generator Media + Analytics May 23, 2017

“I’ll admit, I’m a skeptic when it comes to clubs, groups, and organizations. After only a few months, we are bragging to all our peers that the AMI Owner Network has blown us away by the value of the content, connections and encouragement. Crema has continued to benefit from joining AMI.”

George Brooks, Crema May 23, 2017

“Being a member of the AMI Owner Network has helped me to become not only a better agency owner, but a better agency OPERATOR! Learning the ins and outs of the business from other experienced owners has resulted in our agency adapting and evolving with the times!”

Danny Mager, AFFIRM May 23, 2017

“Joining an AMI Owners Network has been one of the greatest and most valuable decisions of my professional career. The agencies in my network, along with Drew, have become my most trusted set of advisors as a business owner. I can talk to them about literally anything. Over time, they’ve also become good friends and, in many cases, they’ve come to know my agency (and me) better than I know myself.”

Alex Nikdel, CNP May 23, 2017

AMI Remote Coaching/Onsite Consulting

“Having AMI onsite, working with me and my leadership team has absolutely forced us to level up and think about our business, our clients and our offerings in a completely new way.  I could never find another resource that works with so many agencies, talks to so many CMOs and understands our business the way that they do.  That kind of big picture insight is invaluable to us!”

Stephen Woessner, Predictive ROI May 23, 2017

“The AMI onsite consulting was the best investment we ever made; the entire experience felt like we were being gifted with a seasoned, wise business partner completely focused on both our business and personal success.  As the agency has slowly completed every item on the to-do list we developed, we’ve found the business running smoother and growing faster than we had ever imagined.”

Stuart McFaul, Spiral Group May 23, 2017

“I have been working with Drew over the last few months navigating through a big change at my agency. Not only has he helped me tackle some tough business decisions, but he has also kept me focused and on task so that I can attend to my day-to-day work, while at the same time pivoting for the future. His calming voice of reason, coupled with his sage advice, empathy, and authority has made him the perfect partner on my agency journey. I always feel he is rooting for me and is as committed to my success as I am myself.”

Christine Tieri, Idea Agency May 23, 2017

AMI Podcast – Build A Better Agency

“Since late 2015, I’ve been listening to the Build a Better Agency podcast. Drew, thank you for putting together such a valuable resource for agency owners! It’s one of the podcasts I look most forward to listening to each week. I enjoy both the solo and guest versions and after each of the podcasts I find myself inspired to make positive changes to improve our agency. Keep them coming!”

Jay Feitlinger, Stringcan May 23, 2017

“The “Build a Better Agency” podcasts have been really beneficial! I enjoy the variety of topics, and the agency management insight is invaluable.  It keeps “working on” on the front burner, rather than playing catch up to “working in”.

David Morgan, Force 5 May 23, 2017

AMI Workshops

“AMI’s workshops are always a jolt of inspiration and thanks to all the ideas we implement, a bit of perspiration too!  They’re the perfect blend of upcoming trends, practical tips and tools and learning from other agency leaders, as well as the AMI instructors.

I always leave an AMI workshop with a notebook full of ideas, To Dos and best of all, some Stop Doing items! The ROI far outweighs the cost each and every time.”

Amy Atkinson, RCP Marketing May 23, 2017

“The “Money Matters” workshop was a total game-changer for our agency. The material presented was detailed, grounded in real-world situations, and immediately actionable. Beyond that, we were able to benefit from the presence of other agency owners who came from a wide variety of situations and were able to share practical experience and advice. We came away with the information we needed to conduct a complete overhaul of our agency.

We got rid of an underperforming portion of our business; overhauled our budgeting and financial review process; and even changed our employee/vendor structure. Within 12 months, the end result was WAY less stress, dramatically improved internal processes and systems, the freedom to work on the business, and a year-over-year increase of over 44% in income. Suffice it to say, I think it was the best time and money we’ve ever spent on our business.”

Eric Oliver, Angelsmith May 23, 2017

“For a deeper dive on specific issues such as financial management of your marketing firm, Esparza has benefited from these workshops.  They are not theory discussions, but offer true take a way opportunities for me to take back to my agency and implement.”

Del Esparza, Esparza May 23, 2017