Agency people are lifelong learners. If you aren’t — odds are you will be “counseled” out of your role if you don’t own the joint and pushed out of the day to day, if you do. We can’t afford to stop learning in our world. It’s simply changing too quickly and to keep up, we have to make learning a priority.

What I love the most about AMI is that in everything we do — you are learning from people who are actively involved in agency life. I’ve owned my shop for 25+ years and am still active there. Craig (who runs our Key Executive networks and the Virtual networks) also still has an agency and has been an owner for 27+ years.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The best aspect of AMI is that owners who attend our workshops, network meetings, webinars, etc. — are all both students and teachers. I love how owners are so quick to offer to share resources, forms, best practices, and connections with other owners.

That spirit is the best of AMI and of our profession.

If you don’t have a posse of other agency owners/leaders — I implore you to find one. If AMI works for you, great. If not, seek it somewhere else. But do not fight the fight alone.

Looking for some places to learn from other agency owners/leaders?

Build and Nurture your Agency’s Sales Funnel— January 21/22 in Orlando on WDW property

Running Your Agency for growth, profit & a little sanity — April 6/7 in Chicago

Advanced AE Bootcamp –August 17/18 in Chicago

AE Bootcamp — September 14/15 in Chicago

Money Matters for Agency Owners — Dates TBD

We’d love to help you meet other agency owners/leaders who will generously share what they know while you all learn from us at the same time. Check out the details of these workshops here. Make 2021 your year of learning!

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