“I attended the 2019 workshop with Mercer Island Group and immediately implemented what I learned. Within 60 days, we’d won over $500,000 in new business and when we asked why we were selected, it was like our new clients were reading from the Mercer Island playbook! I will never miss one of their workshops!”

If you’ve attended in the past — this is new content that will build on what you’ve already learned.  If you’ve never attended before, you’re in for a mind-blowing, notebook-filling, win ratio crushing few days.

These workshops are taught by Robin and Steve Boehler from Mercer Island Group, agency search consultants who have helped hundreds of clients select new agencies and have learned through that experience how clients approach an agency search and Drew McLellan from AMI, who works closely with over 250 agencies every year, coaching them on how to differentiate themselves.

Adding to why you should attend — we will be onsite at the Grand Floridian Resort with an incredible $299/night rate!

What you’ll learn:

Are you winning at every stage of your prospect’s customer journey? Today, most clients complete most of their research into possible agencies BEFORE the agencies even know they are looking. What can an agency do to win more business when so much of the prospect’s search work is happening out of sight?

The key is to understand – and interrupt – the prospect’s customer journey towards selecting a new agency. In this two day workshop, we’ll cover:

  • The agency industry’s very first customer journey – a definition of the prospects’ steps and actions
  • Agency readiness: how to interrupt the journey
  • Agency consideration: activities to win each step in the journey
  • Winning: Building your agency’s immediate plan

In this workshop we’ll detail the main stages of the prospect’s customer journey and share strategies to win at each stage. You’ll leave this workshop with clear action steps that can help your agency be noticed, considered, and win more business.

Who should attend: Agency owners, leadership teams and business development directors who are charged with growing the agency by landing new clients and growing the clients you have.

Registration Information

January 27-28, 2020 in Orlando, FL at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

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Tuition: $1,895 for the first attendee. $1,695 for each additional attendee.

AMI members (Associate or network members) save $300/person!

Tuition price per person includes all meeting materials breakfast both mornings and lunch both days. Travel, accommodations and dinners are not included.

Money back guarantee: if you are not completely satisfied with this workshop for any reason, just call or send us an email, and you will be refunded 100 percent of your tuition – no questions asked. In all the years we have offered this workshop, no one has ever asked for a refund.