The cornerstone of AMI are the agency owner peer networks.  The first  group was formed in the 90s in Las Vegas and continues to meet semi-annually at different locations throughout the country.

The truth is, there aren’t too many people in your life that truly understand the unique challenges and potential of running a small to mid-sized marketing agency.  If you’ve got a partner or two — you can kick ideas back and forth, but you’re all inside the same bottle.  And just like we tell our clients — you can’t objectively see or describe the outside of the bottle from inside.

It can get lonely and it can be a bit of an echo chamber if you’re only talking to yourselves.

That’s where AMI agency owner peer networks come in.   By joining a network you get the best of both worlds.  You get that outside perspective you really need but from someone who walks in your shoes every day.

When you join a network — you join it for the long haul.  Each network meets in person twice a year (for 2 full days) and stays in touch throughout the year, sharing resources, partnering on business, seeking counsel and enjoying each other’s support and when needed, kick in the pants.  Your network becomes your advisory team, sounding board and among your closest friends.

At the in person meetings (one in the fall and one in the spring) you will learn from each other’s experiences, challenges and victories. We also share best practices in new business development, financial and marketing strategies, systems development,  organizational and staffing strategies.  The groups often invite a speaker to join them for a part of a day for some on-going professional development that is specific to running an agency.

One of the most insightful aspects of each meeting is that every agency shares their financials with the group.  It’s amazing what you can learn from looking at someone else’s numbers — be it a tax strategy, an accounting maxim or a danger spot.

Every meeting is organized and facilitated by us, so you can concentrate on gleaning as much as you can out of every conversation, sample and story.
Each network has a mix of advertising agencies, PR firms, marketing shops, digital marketing and design firms that want to grow to the next level. Only one company from any specific geographic market can be admitted to a network. The network is truly a safe and open harbor where valuable business collaborations and lifelong friendships develop.

To be considered for membership, you must:

Not only will you reap the benefits of the meetings themselves, but you will also become an AMI Accredited Agency, demonstrating your commitment to continued investment in your own betterment for your clients’ ultimate benefit.

If you are an agency owner and think you’d like to explore the possibilities, call AMI at 515-822-6400 and ask for Drew or shoot him an email.