Kick COVID to the Curb – July 22-23, 2020

Learn how to propel your agency to greater profits and stability, despite the pandemic!


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Kick COVID to the Curb is meant for small to mid-sized agency owners and leaders who want to shake loose from COVID’s grip and crush the back half of 2020!

A two-afternoon summit guaranteed to give you actionable ideas and practical advice on how to propel your agency to greater profits and stability post-COVID.

Whether you’ve had your agency for a month or two decades, the last three months are the wildest ride any of us have been on. But it’s time for us to push past COVID and get back to the business of running our agency.

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How do we move our agencies beyond COVID and back to doubledigit profitability?

How does an agency sell during a pandemic without coming off as tone-deaf or insensitive?

As we are forced to shift some of the most powerful face-to-face elements of our business online, how do we not lose the chemistry and connections we create when we’re in the same room?

What financial metrics and yardsticks will make sure we stay in the black and actually have a profitable year?

How do we balance caring for our employees and doing what’s right for the agency and our clients?

These 7 presentations will light the path so you can protect and grow your agency, take care of your clients, and support your team.

  • Each presentation is designed to give you actionable information in a 30-minute presentation.
  • You will have an opportunity to get your questions answered during a 15 minute Q&A following each presentation.
  • You will receive a free worksheet or tool to accompany each presentation.
  • Too busy to attend the summit live – no problem, you will have up to 30 days to watch the presentations after they go live.
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Kick COVID to the Curb

At a glance:

2 Half Days

7 Presentations

Actionable Information

July 22-23

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Meet The Experts:

At AMI, we’re fortunate to work with many brilliant professionals who also serve agencies and agency owners. We learn from these generous leaders when they appear on the Build A Better Agency podcast, when we teach workshops with them, when they serve AMI agencies, and when they show up with their best guidance for an event like Kick COVID to the Curb.

Prospecting for New Business - Tom Martin

Tom Martin

President, Converse Digital

The 5 P’s of Selling Greatly

Lee McKnight Jr

Vice President of Sales, RSW/US

A Case Study Creation Roadmap for Agency New Business

Cecilia Gorman

Manager Development Expert, Creative Talent Partners

Back Over The Threshold: Helping Employees Return to Work Safe and Supported

Lindsay O’Neil

Senior Consultant at Mercer Island Group

The 5 Keys to a Great Virtual Pitch

Nicole Mahoney

CEO, Break the Ice Media

Pivoting to Virtual Events for your Agency and Clients

Doug Kauffman, CPA

CEO, Kauffman CPA Company

Avoiding the Cash Flow Crash

Drew McLellan

Agency owner and CEO of Agency Management Institute

How Your Agency Will Change

Why You Should Attend:

For most agencies, 2020 started off with a bang. More new business wins, clients asking for more, and your pipeline was feeling full. And then COVID pulled the rug out from under us.

Clients hit the pause button hard. Prospects evaporated. And the cash flow slowed to a trickle. We’ve endured three+ months of the pandemic paralysis but things are opening back up. Clients are ready to get started again, prospects are skittish but willing to talk and it’s time to get back to work (literally and figuratively)!

This virtual summit will show you:

  • How to build and nurture a team that is ready to serve your clients
  • How to get more work from existing clients
  • How to pitch and win new accounts
  • How to protect your profits

The Kick COVID to the Curb Virtual Summit is going to teach you all of those things and more.

7 experts over two half-days will share their tactics, strategies, and insights along with real-life examples to help you get your agency pointed in the right direction and focused on the future.

It’s time to figure out how to forge ahead in the most productive, profitable way possible!

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Don’t waste another minute being stuck in the COVID quicksand!

It’s time to take action to ensure you have a profitable 2020!

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