Episode 158:

Remember when it sounded crazy to remote employees scattered all over the country?  Or even crazier, in multiple countries? The truth is today, it’s becoming the norm rather than the exception.

Many agencies are choosing a hybrid approach, with a central office and staff in a brick and mortar location, but also with remote full-time and part-time workers. Some agencies are going all-in on remote work, ditching the central office and becoming, in the words of my podcast guest for this episode, “location-agnostic.”

I am intrigued by this, to say the least. I worked for and built businesses in an era when you went where the work was, whether you loved that particular center of commerce or not. But our business is changing, and the agency owners I work with are shifting into this new normal as well.

I had some big questions about becoming totally location-agnostic. How do you develop a strong culture when you all work in different places? How do the clients feel about it? How do you do the collaborative work that agencies are known for when you are scattered all over?

My guest on this episode is Brendon Craigie, co-founder and managing partner at Tyto PR. Tyto is a pan-European company with a fully location-agnostic staff.

Is building a healthy and happy work culture possible with an all-remote team? Brendon is finding the answer to that is a resounding “yes!” But there is more to his company than a remote workforce. They are intentionally flat, hiring well-seasoned creative “black belts” rather than having junior-level staff as worker bees. They are finding this to be a business model that’s rewarding to clients as well as the firm itself.

In his role, Brendon leads the agency and is heavily involved in counseling clients on strategic and creative matters. As an experienced global CEO, he also enjoys working closely with other CEOs on broader business and communications strategies.

Prior to launching Tyto, Brendon was the global CEO of Hotwire. As part of Hotwire’s founding team, he rose through the ranks to become CEO, and during his six-year tenure in the position he doubled the company’s size and repositioned it into a top 50 global challenger brand. Brendon’s achievements were recognized through multiple awards.

Brendon has worked across Europe, Asia, and the U.S. with a host of global names including Cisco, Microsoft, and Google. During his career, Brendon has helped to devise strategies and support campaigns for high-growth companies entering Europe to grow their brands and business. These campaigns often extended several years and included several early-stage companies, such as GoPro and BlackBerry, that have become multibillion-dollar successes, while others achieved the exits they desired.



What You Will Learn About in This Episode:

  • The virtues of being a location-agnostic company
  • The logistics and financial implications of an all-remote workforce
  • Creating a culture in a virtual agency
  • Building a flat organization with seasoned, high-level, customer-facing staff
  • When you meet with colleagues, how to meet with a purpose
  • How to bring the best ideas forward through a “creative sprint” process
  • When and how a virtual workforce can get together in the real world – preferably for a mix of work and play
  • A cost/benefit analysis of having a staff of seasoned professionals
  • How to angle for that non-contested pitch to your ideal clients
  • Baking insight and research into the way you do business and how you get new business.

The Golden Nuggets:

“All the things you do to build a culture in a standard office, can be done in a location-agnostic environment as well.” – @brendoncraigie Click To Tweet “Having this team of people that come from different places, who are coming at things from different perspectives, brings more creativity to our clients.” – @brendoncraigie Click To Tweet “Because we have this seasoned group of professionals that have worked in agencies and know what they're doing, we never end up with a terrible idea or strategy.” – @brendoncraigie Click To Tweet “With an all-remote staff, the tradeoff of higher travel costs is more than offset by the savings in office infrastructure.” – @brendoncraigie Click To Tweet


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