The Power of Audience Segmentation Strategies with Susan Baier

In today’s world of clients needing more data/insights, ROI for their marketing spend and micro targeting to avoid waste, research is key. Clients want an agency that not only knows how to gather data, but how to work with it, how to interpret it and most importantly, how to use it to the client’s marketing advantage. That can be a tall order when it comes to quantitative attitudinal audience segmentation strategies and research but my podcast guest, Susan Baier and her team know the ins and outs of this kind of research and know how to make it relevant to what you do every day. This kind of research goes beyond demographics to really understand what's going on with people; what they think, what they believe and what they want.  And it’s done in such a way that it provides you with a large enough sample of respondents to make it well worth your while. In this podcast, Susan and I uncover the power of specific, segmented research.  Among other things, we cover: how to find the right audiences for your client’s money how to better sell the idea and value of research to a prospect or existing client how to use quantitative attitudinal audience segmented research to turned an upcoming event into a major win how to use research in an agency setting including common mistakes to avoid. Susan Baier began her career as a brand manager for companies like Dial and ConocoPhillips and then switched over to the agency side leading strategic marketing initiatives and market research. A few years ago, she launched Audience Audit ( where she conducts custom quantitative attitudinal audience segmentation research. She helps her agency clients develop marketing and [...]