The Ultimate Guide to Agency Partnerships

Strategic agency partnerships are one of the top lead generation methods. If you’re an agency owner then it is easier to get into partnerships with other agencies than it is to acquire new clients. Reach out to companies that are similar to your agency and ask them to send over their overflow work. It is the easiest way to build a base of clients. Let’s look at how to break down your strategy for agency partnerships into the steps mentioned below for the sake of easier implementation. Define a Goal for Outreach. Let’s say for instance you run a small dev-shop. You do a little bit of direct client work, but you want to get almost all of your deals through partnerships. That’s your new outreach goal. You will want to define what you are looking for and find a company that matches your goal. Define a Client Profile. What company would be the perfect client for your agency? Rank companies based on their hourly rates. If it is not possible to find the hourly rate because of the company size, then there are two places where you can look for this information. One is super specific to agencies, like, and the second one is LinkedIn.   Go to LinkedIn. Define the search criteria as mobile app development agencies in the United States with hundred or two hundred employees. LinkedIn allows you to search for specific criteria, for example mobile app or even further specific searches like IOS. Filter your search results by specifying company expertise, number of employees, or other specifics. You can change the target to get more results. Once you’ve found a company that matches your search criteria, you have found a good pool [...]