Last week’s newsletter about many agency owners needing a break and using the summer lull to replenish yourself so you’re ready to push seemed to strike a nerve.  I heard back from many of you that you’re pretty sure I am spying on you through the window or have bugged your office.  (I promise — neither!) Here’s the sad part of all of that.  Most of you won’t get away.  You believe you can’t leave or the sky will fall.  For every one of you that will book the flight, rent the cabin, or plan the spa day — there will be far more of you who just keep gutting it out and getting more worn down each day. The biggest roadblock that is preventing you from replenishing yourself is you.

This isn’t about the money.  You don’t have to spend a dime to re-charge.  Take a week off and take your kids to the local pool, museums, and parks.  Sleep late, read a trashy novel and binge watch something.  Go visit your parents and let them spoil you rotten.  Whatever it takes — just give yourself a breather.

I really want to challenge your belief that the agency cannot survive without you for a few days.  Your team will rise to the occasion. Your clients will understand that you can’t work 365 days a year.   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve finally convinced an agency owner to take some time away and after they return, they’re so proud of their crew and how they tackled whatever came their way.  Not only do you need the respite, but your employees need to know you have confidence in their abilities.  Hand them the keys and let them show you just how well they work together and how good they are.

If you are still steadfast in your belief that you can’t get away for a week or longer — at least take a long weekend.  Find a few moments throughout the summer to catch your breath at the very least.

But if that’s all you are comfortable doing, then it’s time to look at your agency and ask why.  What needs to be different so that you can take more time off in 2021.  Don’t just ponder it — figure out what it’s going to take and put a plan in place to make it happen. You are in this for the long haul, so be mindful of the care and feeding of your agency’s greatest asset — you.


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