I’m not that definitive about a specific book as a general rule, so you know this one is special. But if there’s anything I know about 2021 and beyond — the agencies and organizations who consistently deliver big and bold ideas that solve new problems are the ones who are going to win the day.

We’ve always known this truth.  If there’s one thing every agency has to be able to do, it’s innovate. We are paid to be creative thinkers on command. We have to be able to generate ideas on a regular basis that serves both the agency and our clients. But now — in 2021? It’s survival.  Both for our agencies and the clients we serve.

One of the biggest challenges in terms of being able to do this consistently is that it’s usually only the agency owner or a handful of leaders who can do this work. What if everyone in the agency had the skills and confidence to be an innovative thinker?

We’re reinventing everything right now and what an amazing time to be front and center with ideas that will light the way.

Carla Johnson’s brilliant book RE:Think Innovation will remind you that you were born with the ability to innovate but it got dampened along the way. Fortunately — Carla wrote this to show you how to awaken it in yourself and your entire team.

This book will show you how to do it, how to teach it and how to sustain and scale it.

The book launches today… and you can get all kind of goodies if you order today!

To hear my podcast interview with Carla, go here.

To register for the workshop Carla and I will be teaching (95% Carla…Drew feeding the attendees!) in February 2022, go here.