Account Managers/Executives/Strategists (or whatever you happen to call them!) are the primary client facing members of your staff.  Each AE basically runs a division of your company and that’s division’s success is resting on their shoulders. They create, hold and ideally grow the client relationship and your agency’s profits.

They have to understand:

  • Marketing (not just advertising)
  • Sales (for both the agency and the client)
  • Your client’s industries
  • Finance (yours and the clients)
  • Business operations and how to solve business problems
  • All 4 Ps and the 4 Cs of digital marketing
  • How to lead a team

And be part salesperson, part relationship builder, part business mentor and part psychologist!

That’s no small feat and the truth is — they sure don’t learn it all in college. And let’s be honest, when you hired them — it was baptism by fire!

Now they’ve been on the job for a bit and you’d like to groom them to be even better.  That’s where our three workshops come in.  They will leave your place thinking they’re advertising executives and come back understanding that they’re business builders (yours and the clients!).

We offer two AE workshops, based on the level of the employee’s experience and responsibilities.

AE Boot Camp:  This two-day workshop is designed specifically for client facing agency employees who have been in the business for less than three years.  They might be an account coordinator or AE who shows incredible promise and clients already love.  We’ll give them the core skills to understand their role in making your agency money and making themselves so valuable the clients can’t imagine not working with you. (Learn more)

Advanced AE Boot Camp:  This two-day workshop is for your agency’s more seasoned account execs.  They’ve been in the business 3+ years and have the basics down.  Now it’s time for them to become their client’s trusted advisor — not the order taker.  Want a seat at the C-level?  This workshop will show you how to get invited in. (Learn more)

In addition to helping you train your account service staff, we offer workshops that focus on specific disciplines inside your agency — social media, PR, and SEO/SEM.  We also offer a workshop on one of the most critical aspects of owning a business — the money.  How to make it, how to know if you’ve made enough on any given month and how to protect what you’ve earned.

As an owner, you may want to attend some of these workshops with the staff member/s who is responsible for these vital aspects of your business.

Social Media Strategies for Your Agency:  You are selling it to clients but if you’re honest you’ll admit you aren’t really leveraging it for your own agency.  Sooner or later — your clients are going to call foul on you for selling them something you aren’t investing in yourself.  On top of that — a smart social media strategy can build your reputation, your marketplace (they won’t care where your office is!) your business and your bank account.  (Learn more)

Build a PR Powerhouse Inside Your Agency:

Agencies that are selling a robust PR (traditional and digital) program are killing it and their AGI is rock solid.  If your agency has only dabbled in PR or wants to start — this is the workshop for you.   We will show you step by step how to add this discipline to your shop.  You’ll learn how to pitch, price and deliver incredible results that keep the clients coming back for more.  (Learn more)

Financial Firepower:

The two day workshop is designed for owners, general managers and financial managers. Financial Firepower is a lot more than accounting and bookkeeping. It is about financial strategy.  The financial strategies and systems in an agency are the difference between being a success and a devastating financial failure. This Financial Firepower Management Roundtable teaches you the simple way to track and adjust your financial performance.  Why bury yourself in useless reports? We will teach you the key benchmarks for measuring successful performance. We will help you develop the performance reports you need and how to understand them. (Learn more)

SMART SEO and Lead Gen:  The two day workshop is designed for owners, digital directors and those who execute your digital strategies. Stephen Woessner of Predictive ROI developed a patent-pending digital marketing system called the Predictive ROI Method™. In this two day workshop, he’ll share the process, steps, formulas, new business presentations, proposal templates, and ROI metrics with you and your team so you can blend it into your current offerings.  Agencies that have adopted this methodology have increased AGI by $50,000 to $250,000 per client. (Learn more)