3 Proactive Ways to Prevent Ghosting

You had a great conversation with your prospect.  Maybe even a few conversations. Emails flew back and forth.  You had done your research, figured out their challenges, and developed solid solutions.  You had shown the ROI that would come when they bought from you. It was going great. Or so you thought. Because one day they just weren’t there anymore.  Emails didn’t get returned, phone calls always went to voicemail, and your letters were sent back marked “return to sender.”  (OK, maybe not that last one.) But you had to accept the fact: You had been ghosted. The Pain of Getting Ghosted The term ghosting comes from the dating world when someone abruptly cuts off communication without warning or explanation.  Usually, it stems from one partner trying to leave the relationship without conflict or having to deal with the negative repercussions. And now the practice has infiltrated the business world as well.  Instead of telling salespeople or potential professional partners “no”, prospects cut off communication and become impossible to reach. This isn’t the same problem as when you are first reaching out to a prospect.  That has always been a challenge and will remain so. Ghosting is different because it happens once the conversation has already started.  And not only has the conversation started, it’s usually going well. There can be multiple phone calls and emails where the prospect is excited, and it seems like there is a legitimate chance to move business forward. That’s why getting ghosted hurts on both a business and person level.  It’s a surprise that doesn’t seem to make sense. Everything is going smoothly and then radio silence. Why Do Prospects Ghost You? Here’s the biggest challenge for salespeople when [...]