May the Workforce Be With You: How to Hang On to Creative Talent

Let's face it––you are going to employ a lot of creatives over the lifetime of your  agency. Gone are the days of designers and writers settling into the same role until they finally receive the gold watch and pat on the back, while Midge and the girls in the secretarial pool tow their retirement cake around the office.   The benefits of having to hire new talent include opportunities to gain new insights and  ideas, freshen creative perspectives, and broaden internal skillset capabilities. But  losing creative talent means potential work delays, the risky loss of historical agency or client brand knowledge, and the nagging need to constantly employ third-party talent staffing firms for a hefty price.  All in all, it’s pretty darn expensive.   According to a study by the U.S. Census, the average employee tenure at a single  company is now 2.8 years, as compared to 13.5 years just a few decades ago. Add a global pandemic and ‘great resignation’ into the mix, and this continual migration of  today's creative workforce requires a more strategic approach to retention.  I’ve spent the last two decades building and managing creative teams in a range of organizations. During that time, I closely studied the behaviors of creatives, clients, and  stakeholders to figure out exactly what makes a creative successful in different environments and roles. I’ve discovered that the key to keeping great creative talent is finding out exactly HOW they work.   Knowing how your creatives work allows you to challenge them in ways they will be excited about, and allows them to contribute at the level that satisfies everyone’s expectations, keeping them highly engaged. When you have this critical insight, you (and your managers) will know how to effectively [...]