COVID-19 Crisis Communication: Brands on Social Media [Study]

The COVID-19 crisis has literally turned our world upside down. This virus, like nothing before it, has managed to disrupt economies and ruin entire corporations while leaving tens of millions of people without jobs. However, companies were "constrained" to become more client-savvy and improve their communication on social platforms.  From a social-media point of view, this crisis has brought a whole new level of communication changes. The way businesses are able to communicate with their partners and clients is key if they want to get through this period unscathed.  The problem is that, for most businesses out there, their communication during the crisis tends to suffer quite a lot. Most businesses choose to respond negatively to impossible situations. This in turn escalates and makes them lose precious capital, both in the form of partners and fans. However, there are certainly many companies that have managed to take advantage of this crisis and improve their communication with their fans.  In order to shed some light on this subject, the marketing specialists from Socialinsider have put together a complex study that shows how brands are actually managing their communication during difficult periods such as this one.  This study looks in-depth at how brands communicated at the beginning of the pandemic and how their shift changed as the pandemic has started to negatively impact the Western Society.  While each industry is slightly different, with some industries being completely shut down and others booming, there is a common thread across all industries, which is the need for proper crisis management.  Well-worded posts, responsible communication, transparency, and a good dosage of positivism are essential for any company that really wants to thrive during COVID-19.  In order to create this extensive [...]