I believe agencies need to shift their own (and their clients’) content creation from a cost to a money-making machine.

Every agency I know is creating content but few are monetizing it. Honestly — that’s mostly because the content created is generic and lousy (did you write a post about the new Pantone color — if so, I am talking to you!) and any agency could swap out our logo and insert theirs.

But… I digress.

Agencies need to come to understand that they absolutely have to get serious about their content and in fact — need to be producing what I call cornerstone content.

Think meaty, informative content that defines your agency’s point of view and unique way of working.

That’s typically:

  • A book the owner authors
  • A podcast
  • A video series
  • A very provocative/prolific blog
  • Primary research you commission/design

It needs to be significant enough that it can be sliced and diced throughout the year into bits of micro-content for your agency. Done well, it can absolutely be a game-changer for your agency. Hubspot asked me to write about my experience launching the podcast and how it impacted AMI. You can check it out here. Hopefully, it will light a fire under you to make THIS the year you stop writing generic blog posts and start getting serious about investing in content that can drive money to your door.

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