For many of you, the biggest pain point you are facing today is attracting and retaining talent. Agencies are really struggling to find strong prospects for their open positions and to keep their best players. I’ve even had agency owners tell me that they’re taking their foot off the new business gas pedal because they’re afraid they won’t be able to get the work done because of the staffing challenges.

All of that means keeping the best players you already have on the team takes on an added importance. You can’t afford to lose a key teammate or be shorthanded. I spend a fair amount of time with agency employees and I think you might be surprised at what they want from you.

They want:

  • More mentorship from you (they want to learn from you because they admire your abilities)
  • More training (this was their #1 criteria for job satisfaction) like digital certifications and our AE bootcamps
  • More feedback when they’re trying something new
  • More praise when they’re meeting or exceeding your expectations
  • An opportunity to earn more (through defined, goal-centric bonus programs) when the agency does well
  • A chance to stretch themselves with new challenges and by developing new skills

As you can see, most of what they’re looking for won’t cost you a dime. But it will cost you some time and attention. I know what your days are like because my days are like that too.

Don’t let your busyness cost you a key employee. Find ways to deliver on the list above to keep your team stable, happy and strong.