I am wrapping up two weeks of workshops and I am so gratified that AMI gets to offer these educational experiences. Yes, I love that we help agency owners and leaders get smarter and succeed faster but what I love even more is the energy that happens when agency people are together. It’s such a relief to be in a room where people have actually walked a mile in your shoes. An attendee asked me, “what do
you enjoy most about these workshops?” and my honest answer was — “I love watching the connections happen. It’s wonderful to watch people discover they’re among their own kind.”

This can be an insular business. We hold our cards close to the vest, we don’t talk about our struggles and we wonder if we’re the only agency struggling with the issues that plague us. Being with people who understand your world is good medicine. It’s invigorating and inspiring. And for many agency owners, it re-fills your energy bucket for a long time. Everyone left the workshops with a notebook full of new ideas (and a few stop doing items) and a little more pep in their step because they’d learned and laughed together about their shared reality.

Whether it’s AMI or some other resource — don’t go on your own. Surround yourself with people who not only understand your world but want to actively participate in your success. You will learn more and have a posse of people who will celebrate your wins, commiserate with you on the tough days and be the first ones to offer help when you hit a challenge.


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