I am a huge fan of doing one on ones with your team member.s. I outlined the strategy and benefits in an early podcast that might be worth a listen. The very first question that should be covered in every one on one is what is your quarterly growth goal and how are you going to
accomplish it? It’s a powerful way for your employees to feel as though you are investing in their growth and care about helping them carve out their career path. From your leadership perspective, it gives you the opportunity to add new skills and knowledge to the team and to
help your employees understand that they have to keep getting better — no matter how long they’ve been in the business.

That, my friend, also applies to you. Many of us have been in the agency business for our entire careers and that probably means decades, not days. What are your growth goals?

One of the patterns I see among the AMI agencies is that the most profitable agencies have leaders who still love to learn and set some impressive goals for themselves. No matter how long they’ve been doing this work. They take classes to improve their presentation skills. They get google certified so they can talk more intelligently. They surround themselves with other owners to learn about best practices, hacks, and industry trends.

It’s incredibly easy to get stale in our world. It’s our job to stay relevant and it’s tough to do if we are not experimenting and evolving along the way. If you want your employees to keep evolving so they add more value — set the example and show them how its done. It will put some giddiup in you gallop and serve as a very tangible reminder to your team that learning is not something agency people can afford to outgrow.

What growth goals have you set for 2022?

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