Most clients hate feeling pressured to pay for services — even those they desperately need. After more than 30 years in the agency world, I’ve learned that it’s much easier to turn a friendly, low-pressure connection into a client than it is to hard sell a prospect. Prospective clients don’t go around advertising their desire to get acquainted, though.

The agency must usually make the first move — that’s where content collaboration comes in. Content that puts the spotlight on a client is an effective way to make genuine connections that frequently lead to sales.

To adopt a collaborative mindset and leverage client-focused content, agencies may need to rethink how they approach the creative process and audience engagement.

In this piece that I contributed to, I discuss methods of collaborating within your network and ways in which you can form business relationships that are mutually beneficial. Tell me, how have some of your best business collaborations formed and what did you do to initiate the opportunity?