Are you struggling to determine how to price digital marketing services? Do you find yourself asking how does your pricing align with other agencies? What KPIs are other agency owners tracking? What should my profit margin be? How many clients do I need to make $X per year? What sources generate the best leads?

These are conversations we have in the AMI network meetings all of the time.  They’re not just about curiosity — it’s about best practices and making sure you aren’t missing an important insight or leaving money on the table.

What You Need to Know About Pricing Your Services

Whether you’re a part of an AMI network or not — this is information you need to know.  To help agencies better understand how to price, manage, sell, market, and deliver to clients, HubSpot conducted a survey with more than 750 agency executives responding to our questions.

This data, along with industry expertise from Tim Williams, Karl Sakas, Jason Swenk, myself, Peter Levitan, and Lee McKnight, Jr., was combined in their first agency-focused research report: The Agency Pricing & Financials Report. (download it here).

I think you’ll find it very eye-opening.  I was not surprised to learn how many agency owners aren’t tracking the financial metrics that need to be on their radar screen every month.  Take a look and let me know what you found most surprising.

Learn More About Agency Money Management

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