Okay — so not only is it new, it’s our first.

Check out the Foundations mini course! Having a strong foundation for your agency is critical any time but right now, it may be the difference of surviving or not. Whether you are new to the agency owner game or even a few years in — I promise, there will be plenty of takeaways. We’ve cherry picked some key metrics, decision points and techniques that every agency must employ to be successful.

Foundations is a 12-week mini course that is a combo of video lessons (with some homework, downloads, etc.) and a weekly live Q&A call to talk about how you’re implementing what you learned earlier that week.

We are starting our next 12-week cycle the week of October 5th. Calls are every Monday night at 7 pm central.

At this point, we only have a small handful of people registered which means this is pretty much going to be like private teaching/coaching for you for 12 weeks! We’d love to have you join us!