Episode 244:

Most agency owners would put attorneys in the cost column. Until they get into legal trouble. Then, they quickly realize how much they could have ultimately saved if they’d been a little more proactive and worked with an attorney before they got into hot water. But with the right attorney who specializes in agencies and understands our world, you can navigate common legal obstacles while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

My guest is AMI’s go to attorney, Sharon Toerek. Sharon’s depth of expertise in our world makes her an invaluable resource for agencies who have any sort of legal issue that they’re either trying to proactively resolve or when they’re in a jam.

She speaks our language and has spent the last fifteen years carving out her niche. In this episode of Build a Better Agency, Sharon Toerek joins us again to share her expertise and walk us through the new research project that she and her law firm put together, looking at common legal snags that get agencies into trouble.

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What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • The most prevalent legal issues that agency owners are currently facing
  • How to approach client contract negotiations from a legal perspective
  • How to overcome the legal challenges of working with freelancers
  • How to protect your agency from copyright and trademark issues
  • How to move out of the anxious and afraid category by finding an agency attorney you trust
  • Why putting foundational processes in place can make a substantial difference in the way you handle legal issues in your agency
  • How the pandemic will change language in contracts
  • The most worrisome part of Sharon’s research findings

The Golden Nuggets:

“Understanding exactly what agency owners worry about is the best way for us to build content that serves them, create service lines they truly need, and to help them close gaps before they’re even noticeable.” @SharonToerek Click To Tweet “If you spend time where your clients spend time, you start to see patterns in the things that they talk about. Then you can connect the services you provide to the patterns in their businesses.” @SharonToerek Click To Tweet “If agency owners want to move out of the anxious and afraid category, it is easy to do once you form a relationship with an attorney that you trust.” @SharonToerek Click To Tweet “What we’ve always known from working with our agency client base is that the little hinges move such huge doors. There is a lot to gain from putting base processes in place to deal with legal issues in your agency.” @SharonToerek Click To Tweet “It is a lot easier to be confident if you have leverage. The contract is a tool that enables you to have that kind of leverage.” @SharonToerek Click To Tweet

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