Episode 256:

Agency growth isn’t easy and it isn’t a given. It’s not because agency owners don’t want to build their agency to be sustainable, scalable, or sellable down the road. It’s because they consciously or unconsciously avoid putting systems and processes into place. Instead of having a “your agency name here” way, every one of your team members has their own way of serving clients and getting the work done. When you’re five people, that’s tolerable. But once you get past ten employees or so, that breaks and you are stuck. Want to get unstuck?

As long you allow everyone to work in their own way and there’s no standardization, there’s a ceiling for how much growth and scale you can achieve. Systemizing your team’s workflow and putting new processes in place can get your agency unstuck.

David Jenyns believes deeply in the relationship between systemization and agency growth. After rolling out new systems and processes within his own agency and witnessing the powerful results, he organized the experiences into a new book called Systemology. In this episode of Build a Better Agency, David shares some of the key lessons and techniques from his book so we can apply them in our own agencies and achieve unprecedented growth.

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Agency Growth | Putting systems and processes into your agency

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • How agency growth is hindered by a lack of systems and processes
  • How David mastered the application of systems and processes in his own shop
  • What David believes are the mandatory systems and processes for all agencies
  • How to use David’s “Critical Client Flow” system
  • Why your systems and processes cannot be dependent on the agency owner
  • How to get your team members to embrace and appreciate new systems and processes
  • What characteristics and personality traits we should be looking for as we look for our system or process champion
  • The outcome and benefits we can expect to see from implementing new systems and processes within our agency

The Golden Nuggets:

“A lot of agencies get stuck at the same size because the capacity of the owner is preventing them from growing any larger.” @davidjenyns Click To Tweet “Systems and processes are not about getting hands-off so you can work less. They are about redefining the work you’re doing so you can level up.” @davidjenyns Click To Tweet “I realized that if the delivery of a product or service was dependent on me, it was never going to scale.” @davidjenyns Click To Tweet “Intellectually, we get it. But the application of systems and processes is extremely difficult for many agency owners.” @davidjenyns Click To Tweet “Implementing and embracing new systems and processes will change the way you look at your business.” @davidjenyns Click To Tweet

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