Episode 258:

Many of us have earned our MBAs in leadership over this past year. As we wrap up 2020, we have some ground to make up and we can’t do that alone. We need to inspire our teammates to rise to the occasion, overcome their personal speed bumps, and build momentum as we drive to the end of the year. Elise Mitchell’s experience running agencies and coaching business owners provides actionable clarity on how we get there.

Elise Mitchell started Mitchell, her PR firm back in the nineties grew it to a seventy-person shop before selling it to Dentsu in 2013. What she loved most about the agency business was building young leaders so she built a leadership training program over the last several years. She works with emerging leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, agency leaders, and a variety of others.

In this episode of Build a Better Agency, I pick Elise’s brain about how we, as agency leaders, can get the most from our teams during these critical months. Elise’s wide range of expertise can help us inspire and coach our team to a new level of greatness.

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Agency Leaders | How to become a more effective agency leader

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • Elise’s transition from agency owner to leadership coach/consultant
  • How agency leaders can better lead their teams through change
  • Why agency owners should acknowledge that it’s okay not to have all the answers
  • Critical mindset shifts that enable us to find opportunities in times of uncertainty
  • How to bring your team through change when everybody is not on board
  • How to empower your employees by helping them discover their own insights
  • How to become a more mindful leader and avoid succumbing to burnout

The Golden Nuggets:

“We don’t like change because we lose control, and we’re afraid we’re going to fail. As agency leaders, we can look at uncertainty and times of change as a window of opportunity to drive change in our business.” @elisemitch Click To Tweet “Not everyone feels the same passion or mindset as the agency owner. The better you can understand how other people’s minds work, the better chance you have to engage them to join you on the journey.” @elisemitch Click To Tweet “The extrinsic rewards of leadership are powerful in their own right. But you also have to seek out the intrinsic rewards that fuel your soul and give you a sense of purpose.” @elisemitch Click To Tweet “Good leaders often stop themselves from telling or directing, and instead they ask an empowering question.” @elisemitch Click To Tweet

“Fundamentally, where we become the most committed, empowered, and accountable is through our own ideas.” @elisemitch Click To Tweet“A centered leader is a leader who is grounded with a clear sense of purpose about why the lead and why they’re doing what they do. They know who they are on the inside and they don’t mind standing in the tension of the moment.” @elisemitch Click To Tweet

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