Episode 251:

As agency owners, we are constantly searching for new ways to harness the power of persuasion and trigger an audience’s buy-button on behalf of our clients. Understanding what’s happening inside the consumer’s head and what drives their behavior is where that effort begins. We’ve always worked to understand how audiences in the past, but what if we could leverage data and science to crack the code and target the decision-making part of a prospect’s brain?

As a neuroscientist and an agency owner, my guest Patrick Renvoise bridges the gap between science and marketing so agency owners can understand what makes different audiences tick.

He has taken an entirely new approach to persuasion that enables agency owners to better recommend marketing solutions to their clients by explaining the science behind them. It is one of the many reasons Patrick co-founded SalesBrain, the world’s first neuromarketing agency, where he currently serves as the Chief Persuasion Officer.

In this episode, we’ll explore the science behind human decision-making and how we can harness that for our agencies and our clients.

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What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • How the brain reacts to persuasion
  • The role of the primal brain in decision making, and how to reach it
  • The six stimuli of the primal brain and how to leverage them in your work
  • Why logical and emotional messaging is not enough to impact your customer’s decision
  • How to position your agency against all of the other agencies in the landscape

The Golden Nuggets:

“Traditional marketing is about asking people what they want, but it’s useless because people don’t know what they want.” @patrickrenvoise Click To Tweet “Until now, nobody has ever created a bridge between the world of neuroscience and the world of sales and marketing.” @patrickrenvoise Click To Tweet “The Primal Brain can only be triggered by an emotional stimulus.” @patrickrenvoise Click To Tweet “In reality, we still react to stimuli in a very primal way.” @patrickrenvoise Click To Tweet “Agency owners shouldn’t optimize their messaging for right now; they should optimize it for when the customer is going to make their decision.” @patrickrenvoise Click To Tweet

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Because he works with over 250+ agencies every year, Drew has the unique opportunity to see the patterns and the habits (both good and bad) that happen over and over again. He has also written several books, including Sell With Authority (2020) and been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Fortune Small Business. The Wall Street Journal called his blog “One of 10 blogs every entrepreneur should read.”

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