Episode 264:

Thought leadership is one of those buzzwords that has been so overused, it has almost been rendered meaningless. But as Stephen Woessner and I preach to agency owners in our book, Sell with Authority, when done well for the right reasons, being an authority can drive significant revenue for your agency. Stephen’s agency, Predictive ROI, decided they wanted to quantify the value of thought leadership so they engaged Susan Baier (Audience Audit) to do some research to answer the question “is there an ROI to being a thought leader?”

Creating unique, relevant content targeting a very narrow niche is time-consuming. Is there a payoff? How does it impact both new sales and retaining clients? Does it influence the sales cycle? How do people define what is and isn’t a true authority?

In this episode of Build a Better Agency, Susan and Stephen join us to share the data that came out of the research and the implications that data has for us as agency owners, both as we think about our own biz dev but also how we advise clients about their own thought leadership efforts.

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Agency Owners | The ROI of thought leadership for agencies

Agency Owners | The ROI of thought leadership for agencies

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • How agency owners can use data to measure the value of thought leadership
  • The origins of Susan and Stephen’s research about the ROI of being an authority
  • The research methodology Susan used for the ROI of thought leadership study
  • What Susan and Stephen’s study uncovered about people’s attitudes/beliefs toward experts in their field
  • The distinguishing characteristics that others use to determine if someone truly is an authority
  • How referrals are impacted by someone’s position of authority
  • The big takeaways of the study on the ROI of thought leadership and how to apply them in your agency
“As agency owners, we all know people out there who say they are an expert, authority, or a thought leader. But the reality is that we don’t get to put that label on ourselves.” @stephenwoessner Click To Tweet “To be a genuine authority or thought leader, you need to be generously and frequently teaching with no sales strategy behind it.” @susanbaier Click To Tweet “One of the distinguishing marks of thought leadership is that you are providing strategic and tactical content that helps clients be better at their job every single day.” @stephenwoessner Click To Tweet “A recommendation from a trusted thought leader would have a greater impact on a buyer’s decision than advertising from the seller. The thought leadership component alone is so powerful.” @susanbaier Click To Tweet “A true teacher is going to create a myriad of ways to get their lesson plan out to their students. Thought leaders need to do the same.” @susanbaier Click To Tweet

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