Episode 266:

How are clients thinking about and reacting to both COVID and the recession it triggered is on every agency owner’s mind. Will our clients go dormant? How are they approaching 2021 budgets and plans? Because we know this is vital intelligence for you, we decided to make that the focus of the 2020 Agency Edge research project. You’re going to find the data insightful and a relief.

The Agency Edge research series is a collaboration between AMI, Audience Audit, and Dynata. Audience Audit’s Susan Baier joins me to walk you through the highlights of the research findings and what you should do next, based on what we learned.

We believe the insights will help you strengthen your relationship with your current clients, dodge some potential landmines, and navigate your biz dev prospecting with more success. After you listen to the podcast, be sure to grab the 30-page executive summary from the show notes.

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Agency Owners | How are clients being impacted by COVID and the recession

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • Findings from the 2020 Agency Edge Research Study
  • How agency owners are feeling as they deal with the impact of COVID and the recession
  • The 3 distinct segments that capture agency owner sentiment in 2020
  • How the agency relationships of respondents have been impacted by COVID and the recession
  • What clients want out of their agencies during COVID and the recession
  • Why the data from the latest research study paints a more optimistic picture than we’d feared
  • New opportunities for gaining market share in 2020
“70% of the businesses we surveyed are muscling their way through the recession by continuing to do business how they’ve always done business.” @susanbaier Click To Tweet “During your conversations with clients in 2020, you need to be demonstrating efficiencies, both in how you work and how you manage the budget. They want to know that you are really watching every dime for them.” @susanbaier Click To Tweet “For virtually every client study we’ve done including this one, we found that most of the respondents are working with multiple agencies. It is just an annual reminder that you are not in this alone.” @susanbaier Click To Tweet “When we looked at plans to increase marketing spend, at least a quarter to a third of all segments from our research study said they are planning to increase.” @susanbaier Click To Tweet “Some of the data from our previous studies was tough for agency owners to swallow. But the data from our most recent study was actually relieving.” @susanbaier Click To Tweet

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