Episode 231:

The more you know about a person, the easier it is to connect with them. One of the challenges when it comes to biz dev is that we really don’t know too much about the prospect we’re trying to build a relationship with, especially in the early stages of the sales pitch. But what if there was a way for you to gain those insights even if you’ve never met them in person?

Charlie Poulson’s first job out of college was building PPT decks for one of the country’s largest agencies. That experience gave him insights on the technical side of sales. A recent discovery of a tool that adds in some psychological insights has allowed him to build a business helping others succeed at sales.

In the latest episode of Build a Better Agency, Charlie explains how agency owners can structure proposals and presentations in a way that resonates with their audience, because they know who that person is and how they tick, thanks to Crystal, a Chrome plugin that provides DISC assessment information based on their LinkedIn profile and other social channels.
Take a listen and then connect with your prospects at a whole different level.

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Agency Owners | Leveraging psychology to improve agency sales with Charlie Poulson

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • If you decide to go with a different keyword, make sure to have the keyword listed in at least one bullet point.
  • The psychology behind agency sales communication
  • How agency owners can communicate more effectively with prospects
  • The art of presentation design for agencies
  • How Charlie creates presentations and proposals that resonate with decision-makers
  • How Charlie is using AI (Crystal the Chrome plugin) to gather data and insights about agency prospects
  • How to create different pitch decks for a variety of personality types
“We’re not just making presentations and powerpoints, we’re using artificial intelligence to get deeper insights on the decision-maker so agency owners can tailor their content to them.” @CharlesPoulson Click To Tweet “Something that all agency owners crave is to understand the person across the table from them.” @DrewMcLellan Click To Tweet “Having an abbreviated presentation that is tailored to a specific personality type is much more helpful than handing them the deck you gave to the influencer.” @CharlesPoulson Click To Tweet “One of the things that we do is help agencies find clients that they really like working with.” @CharlesPoulson Click To Tweet “The objective with multiple decision-makers is to make sure that everybody in the room isn’t checked out at the same time.” @CharlesPoulson Click To Tweet

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