Episode 54:

Andrew Dymski is a co-founder of DoInbound, a process and project management platform for inbound marketing agencies and GuavaBox, an inbound marketing agency. He is a lacrosse coach on the side and loves doing almost anything outside. He is also the co-host of Inbound Agency Journey, a weekly podcast for agency pros.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Andrew and his business partner Gray MacKenzie started their agency while they were still in college and the transformation that GuavaBox has overwent since then
  • How Michael Gerber’s “The E Myth” transformed how Andrew’s agency was ran
  • Using blogging as a method for separating yourself
  • Why clients will leave if communication is poor — even when you’re doing great work
  • DoInbound: a tool for creating templates that power the delivery of services just for inbound marketing agencies
  • How creating DoInbound has helped the way Andrew works with his clients
  • Why you need to figure out your vision and share that with your core team
  • Listing and pruning your agency’s list of deliverables
  • How to create processes with your employees and get them to actually follow the processes created
  • How many processes are too many processes?
  • Why you need multiple iterations of processes
  • What meetings about processes with your employees should look like
  • What you can do right now to put some of the ideas from this episode in place without freaking out your team


The Golden Nugget:

“If the top doesn’t follow a top-down decision, why should the bottom?” – @AndrewJDymski Click To Tweet


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