Episode 49:

Dr. Anthony Paustian was given a rare opportunity in life to create and design a technology-focused college campus from scratch. That was fifteen years ago. Since then the campus and its innovative advances in technology-based instruction have appeared on CNN, CNBC, Wired, USA Today, NPR and other national media and won numerous awards for leadership in innovation including being featured on the InfoWorld 100 List (#51) of the nation’s most innovative organizations.

In 2006, Anthony created the Celebrate! Innovation Exhibition; a new type of campus learning environment where students are surrounded by the stories of great innovators through larger-than-life visuals, technology-focused exhibits, and through an annual Celebrate! Innovation Week (ciWeek) where the people behind the stories come from all over the world to tell those stories firsthand. The Celebrate! Innovation Exhibition is currently on the Iowa Department of Tourism’s list of places to visit.

From his Air Force days on F-111s to building national brands to coaching a very talented group of educators, Anthony has developed a unique skill set that is quickly apparent in every aspect of his life as a leader, educator, entrepreneur, inventor, designer, author and speaker.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Anthony decided to become an author and a coach
  • What keeps someone that wants to write a book from actually doing it
  • How to get past the thought that your book won’t be valuable enough
  • The process for getting a book from your head and into an actual book
  • How to turn your blog into a book
  • How to successfully proof your writing
  • Why you need to speak about the topics you write about
  • What the editing process is like once your book is in the hands of an editor
  • What you need to have for your book to appear in a library
  • Why you don’t need (or even necessarily want) your book to be on shelves at Barnes and Noble
  • The best way to sell your book
  • What kinds of e-books you should sell
  • First steps people can take right now to get going


The Golden Nugget:

“Read your book out loud to hear mistakes you don’t hear in your head.” – @anthonypaustian Click To Tweet


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