Episode 24:

Art Boulay is the owner of Strategic Talent Management and offers common sense solutions for hiring better employees and making current employees stronger. Art has partnered with AMI for years and has created (through testing A players) profiles for the ideal candidates for most agency specific positions.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Assessment tools for hiring the right employee lead to more objective and effective hiring
  • How Art’s tools can assess agencies, what makes them unique, and how that will help to find the right future employees
  • From hire to retire: what employers and employees should do to ensure that employees don’t leave right away
  • How to use assessments to counteract biases that we bring to the table during the hiring process
  • Why asking specific types of questions and having at least two people conducting an interview will reveal what you actually need to know about interviewees
  • Tips for making ads as attractive as possible to the people you want to hire and unappealing to people you don’t even want to interview
  • Why age is not an indicator of knowledge and skill: hire leaders, not experience


The Golden Nugget:

“In an interview, don’t let yourself excuse something away. Dig deeper.” – Art Boulay Click To Tweet

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