Episode 16:

Bob Sanders is a powerhouse in the marketing industry. He has previously worked with Agency Management Group, a firm that specialized in the operations, finance, and technology consultations for multinational agencies around the world. Since then, he has become the leader of Sanders Consulting Group, a leading consulting firm specializing in helping agencies implement best practices faster and more effectively.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How agencies can manipulate chemistry to their advantage
  • The four quadrants people fall into and why this is an important thing to be able to assess when pitching new business
  • Why you should never stop generating new business
  • What agencies can do to get better at closing sales
  • Strategies that work with big and small accounts
  • Why spec creative isn’t something to be feared
  • How to play on the misperception that agencies live exciting lives
  • Why you need to alter your pitch based on who you’re pitching to
  • How to be persistent to the point where potential clients are always thinking about you
  • What your agency needs to do today to get on the right track in terms of new business


The Golden Nugget:

“Come up with how you solve a problem better than anyone else.” – @newbusinesshawk Click To Tweet

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