Episode 68:

Recently named one of the Top 30 Under 30 by Marketing magazine, Bram Warshafsky is a Founder and Partner at 5Crowd: a Toronto start-up that provides on-demand marketing production to a growing list of clients like Labatt, J&J, Hershey, Twitter, Telus, and more. We operate a curated network of freelance professionals in over 150 cities through our own digital platform to help enterprise marketing teams bring their strategy to life, faster and for less.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Bram started his agency, and why he went with the freelancer model
  • What Bram’s internal team is like and how they use freelancers to offset those positions
  • Why 5Crowd focuses on production rather than strategy
  • What a strong freelancer vetting process looks like
  • Why 5Crowd needed to build their own software
  • How being a production based agency has led to high client retention for 5Crowd
  • What good marketing looks like
  • Why you need to tell the story of how you save clients money
  • The three questions 5Crowd asks to figure out if they will take on a project
  • Why 5Crowd has freelancers set the price
  • How 5Crowd picks what freelancer to use for the right project
  • Why you need to fully embrace technology to succeed
  • How to get started with freelancers


The Golden Nugget:

“Deliver quick projects at a high volume, to develop trust a lot faster.” – @BramWarshafsky Click To Tweet


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