Episode 19:

Brian Shea is the founder of Shea Consulting where he helps companies streamline their business development systems so they can enjoy consistent, sustainable success. Most business owners flinch at the word “systems” but in reality a system that is simple and repeatable helps free business owners to be more creative, more successful and more profitable.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Brian’s background in consulting
  • What is keeping smaller companies from utilizing processes and systems
  • Why systems and processes are so crucial for scaling
  • Freeing up capacity through delegation
  • Why processes and systems can often fail inside agencies
  • Making sure the system or process matches the actual problem
  • The four-step assessment Brian uses with his clients for finding the right systems
  • The importance on getting clear with specific goals
  • Who in an agency keeps systems from succeeding
  • How to bring processes to agencies that pride themselves on their creativity
  • What happens when systems aren’t put in place
  • How to solve the scope creep problem
  • What systems every agency needs to have
  • What you can do today to begin being more process driven


The Golden Nugget:

“Systems and software fail because agencies don't get down to the problem.” – @thisBrianShea Click To Tweet

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