Episode 57:

Chris Wilson is the Founder and Chief Client Advocate of Function Point Productivity Software Inc.

As the company’s leader, Chris wants to create the world’s leading digital tools for managing the day to day hassle of running a professional service firm. Chris’ focus is on creating a place, a team and a culture where the best creators, communicators and collaborators can grow.

Chris has an extensive understanding of the operation, management and workflow processes of Design studios, Advertising agencies and Architectural firms, with experience assisting thousands of firms in standardizing their business of design.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Service Industries.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The typical reasons that agencies decide they need to get better systems in place
  • What Chris’ company Function Point does
  • Mistakes that agencies make when it comes to starting to think about workflow and using a tool like Function Point
  • How to figure out if your workflow process needs improving
  • Why workflow allows people to put their brain flow in the right place
  • Why systems have to be easy to use
  • Why timesheets are absolutely necessary and why agency owners can’t be exempt from them
  • Warning signs that your workflow needs improvement
  • Making sure you have strong creative briefs
  • Steps that you can take right now


The Golden Nugget:

“Your workflow process needs improving if you're always working last minute.” - Chris Wilson Click To Tweet


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