Episode 371:

Creating content and having a content marketing strategy have become the bread and butter of marketing agencies, and we have the research to prove it. In fact, many agencies are now saying that 75% of their revenue is coming from content.

This week, I’m talking with Steve Pockross and Ryan Sargent of Verblio to go over some interesting research they did about content creation, content ROI, what types of content they create, and more. This episode is packed with information that will hopefully give you some valuable insights into why having a good content marketing strategy is so important these days.

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content marketing strategy

content marketing strategy

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • Steve and Ryan’s key takeaways from Verblio’s research on content marketing strategy
  • Why it’s okay to outsource content creation
  • The shocking ROI of content marketing
  • How to sell clients on the value of content
  • The challenges of creating good content
  • The importance of finding subject matter experts
  • What types of content are the best to reach an audience
  • Why clients are more willing to pay more for high-quality content

“Studies show that two of the most profitable driving forces are great company culture and a great brand, which is impossible to measure. So content falls in this middle ground.” @spockross Click To Tweet “The biggest takeaway for me was that almost everyone is outsourcing some portion of their content creation.” @Ryan_N_Sargent Click To Tweet “You must figure out how to stand out in a saturated market. An interesting trend is the amount of quantity just to be in the game and get the same results keeps getting harder, which is true of how every acquisition channel trends.” @spockross Click To Tweet “An equal number said more than 75% of the agency's revenue comes from content. And that one in five agencies is making nearly all of their revenue from content says a lot.” @Ryan_N_Sargent Click To Tweet “We heard two major pillars of difficulty: getting expert knowledge, industry-specific expertise, and subject matter experts to help create the content, and then managing client expectations.” @Ryan_N_Sargent Click To Tweet

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