Episode 154:

Word of mouth is nothing new. For generations, it’s been talking with your neighbor over the fence, at the local watering hole, or telling your co-worker about the latest movie in the breakroom. As a business, word of mouth is sparked by those things that you do that separate you from the pack. These talk triggers are so memorable and unique that your customers can’t help but talk about them.

My guest Daniel Lemin gives plenty of examples that show us that talk triggers are rarely very expensive, and they tend to be operational differentiators rather than gimmicks or flash in the pan activities. Think Doubletree’s complimentary cookie when you check in or the Cheesecake Factory’s epic novel of a menu.

Daniel has co-written a book with Jay Baer about this powerful marketing technique appropriately called Talk Triggers. In this episode, Daniel and I chat about what he and Jay learned in their research and the insights they gleaned for all marketers. These B2B and B2C brands (large and small) are following a specific pattern as they create and execute their talk triggers and Daniel will walk us through that as well.

We look at this topic from many angles – from how agencies can leverage this phenomenon and, of course, how we can put it into practice for our clients.

Daniel Lemin is a startup co-founder, trusted advisor and bestselling author on reputation management, digital marketing, and social media customer service. As an early member of Google’s global communications team, Daniel led the launch of products in North America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific, and edited the Google Zeitgeist weekly research report featured in over 40 markets worldwide.

His new book with co-author Jay Baer, Talk Triggers, explores word-of-mouth marketing and lays out an indispensable framework for building them in your own organization.

Daniel regularly provides expert commentary on TV and in high-profile publications such as the New York Times, USA Today, CBS Radio, and Fox News, and speaks and leads workshops across the nation. In 2015, he released his first book, Manipurated.

A native of Ohio, Daniel earned his MA in communications and leadership from Gonzaga University. He lives in Los Angeles with his cocker spaniel Truman and enjoys the simple joys of gin martinis, jazz, and eating his way around the world—he’ll try nearly anything as long as it doesn’t bite back.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to put structures in place to create WOM talk triggers
  • Why it’s got to be remarkable to be a talk trigger
  • How something as simple as a cookie or a deck of cards can get people talking
  • Why talk triggers are so often about operational differentiation
  • Why talk triggers need to be available to everyone—it’s not about exclusivity
  • The best examples of word of mouth are never complicated or expensive
  • Why metrics for word of mouth are more complicated than other marketing metrics
  • What metrics you CAN use to measure the impact of word of mouth
  • An unexpected benefit of well-done talk-trigger campaigns—they make the workplace more enjoyable for employees

The Golden Nuggets:

“For a talk trigger to work, it needs to be remarkable.” – @daniellemin Click To Tweet “In terms of documenting the effectiveness of word-of-mouth efforts, social mentions and the intercept are a good place to start. The other not to be overlooked is employee feedback.” – @daniellemin Click To Tweet “I think part of the reason word of mouth has been so overlooked over the years is it is actually somewhat difficult to measure. You have to take a more old-school approach and really connect with customers.” – @daniellemin Click To Tweet “Good talk triggers have four common traits: they are remarkable, relevant, repeatable, and reasonable.” – @daniellemin Click To Tweet


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