Episode 56:

Daniel Lemin, the founder of One Good Brand, is a digital reputation and online marketing veteran with deep agency and digital brand strategy experience. He was employee no. 400 at Google where he served on the global corporate marketing and communications team. He is the author of “Manipurated,” an Amazon bestseller, that exposes the inner workings of online review sites. Daniel also serves as the head of consulting for Jay Baer’s Convince & Convert consulting group, where he provides digital marketing and customer experience counsel to global brands and organizations including the United Nations (Food & Agriculture Organization), Best Buy, Petco, BMC Software, Telogis and Pella Windows and Doors. He’s been seen in the New York Times, USA Today and on Fox News, CBS Radio and many other news outlets.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why online reputation work is such a great opportunity for agencies
  • How Daniel got into online reputation work and how came to write “Manipurated”
  • What makes this kind of work more profitable for agencies than SEO work
  • Tools that are great for this kind of work
  • Why every person inside an agency needs to be good at this — and why Daniel advises against having a dedicated team that does only this kind of work
  • How agencies can price this kind of work out
  • What agencies can do to get B2B clients that aren’t as concerned about reviews as B2C businesses like restaurants to understand the importance of this kind of work
  • Why agencies need to be aware of their own reviews (typically from employees)
  • What agencies that have bad reviews can do to improve that
  • Why negative reviews on social media are more urgent and need to be acted on quickly
  • How agencies can structure this out in terms of packages to offer clients
  • The Snapchat-like video reviews that are coming soon
  • What agencies can do right now to start doing this kind of work
  • Some resources to help with this


The Golden Nugget:

“Agencies must find a way to make money off of customer experience.” – @daniellemin Click To Tweet


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