Episode 86:

Dave Currie is the CEO of List Partners Inc., the home of: Winmo, Localead, and Catapult. He is a leading entrepreneur in sales intelligence and lead generation for the advertising, media and tech industry. Having joined List Partners Inc., in 2005 when he was 26, he has led the company and its brands on a rapid growth path, one recognized by their customers and the industry at large as one of the leading and fastest growing private companies in America.

Best known as the agency new business implementation go-to-guy, Dave has lead proactive and organic business development programs for regional, national and global agencies for the past 16 years. When you commit to growing your agency, Dave and his team are one of the very first ports of call.

Dave collaborates with agencies, their owners, leadership teams and new business directors, helping them calibrate their agency to market, and most importantly implementing effective new business programs that produce the desired sales results.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How the List has evolved over the years and what they do today to help agencies grow through
  • their three brands Winmo, Localead, and Catapult
  • The biggest mistake agencies make in their business development efforts: not having a plan
  • List’s CMO tenure study
  • How successful CMOs keep agency relationships longer than their less successful counterparts
  • Why agency-client relationships moving away from AOR engagements is a great opportunity for agencies
  • Separating marketing and sales and giving them their own plans
  • Building sales plans for both growing business with existing customers and bringing in new customers
  • How small agencies can win huge projects
  • Why being the one to implement shouldn’t be the goal of your first conversation with a marketer
  • Why you must keep your nano list — your list for sales — to 25-30


The Golden Nugget:

“I haven’t seen a successful agency that doesn’t treat itself as its most important client.” – @NewBizDingo Click To Tweet


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