Episode 206:

There are people who are considered leaders because their title says they are and then there are people who lead, no matter where in the org chart they may be. Agency owners can’t afford to be leaders in title only. We have to step into true leadership if we want our agency to thrive and grow.

David Wood, founder of Play For Real, is my guest on this episode of Build a Better Agency. David is a pro at spotting what it takes to be a strong leader in the workplace.

David was a former consulting actuary to Fortune 100 companies like Sony Music and Procter & Gamble. When he left his Park Avenue job, he began to explore the world in a different way in terms of helping high-performing entrepreneurs, executives and leaders play the game of personal development as well as it can be played.

In this episode of the Build a Better Agency podcast, David and I talk about what it means to show up as a leader who is not afraid to be daring, authentic, and vulnerable. We talk shop on how to encourage employees to be better leaders, how to build an environment of trust, and how true leadership can make all the difference.

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What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • Ideal traits and practices for leading people
  • The differences between relational and posturing leadership
  • How to recognize leadership flaws and train employees to keep you accountable
  • The importance of incentivizing employee contributions and collaboration
  • What being an authentic and daring leader looks like
  • How your leadership skills translate directly to running a more profitable agency
  • The power of listening to people’s problems rather than giving advice or trying to fix them
  • Action steps for becoming a more vulnerable leader

The Golden Nuggets:

“The best leaders now are the ones that have the right questions.” - David Wood Click To Tweet “If I, as a leader, am willing to embrace more discomfort, then my team is going to be willing to embrace more discomfort.” - David Wood Click To Tweet “As your team works better and produces more, your company will grow and make more money.” - David Wood Click To Tweet “It takes incredible courage to be an authentic and daring leader.” - David Wood Click To Tweet “Companies are wanting everybody to be a leader. Don't wait for me. You create what's happening now.” - David Wood Click To Tweet

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