Episode 94:

Gene Hammett turns everyday entrepreneurs into FORCES of nature in their market. He sorts through the complexities of business strategies to help you “be THE choice, not just a choice.”

Gene has been a business leader for 20+ years. He started and ran multiple million dollar companies. He succeeded, failed, reinvented himself, and succeeded again. He can pass along to you the key lessons he’s learned in the process so you can have a business that is both successful and fulfilling.

On his podcast, Leaders in the Trenches, Gene has interviewed hundreds of world thought leaders and best-selling New York Times authors. Gene has been featured in Forbes, Success Magazine, Business Insider, and INC Magazine. Gene is also a regular contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine.

In all of his keynotes, Gene uses personal stories and humor to clarify key points. This message is a unique approach to how stepping out of your comfort zone, thinking differently, and innovating can lead to increased market share and trusted authority status. Gene always gives powerful strategies to be implemented right away to create immediate results.



What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Gene became a coach after losing 3 million dollars
  • The real reasons you should be speaking (it’s not a speaker’s fee)
  • Why you shouldn’t shy away from the “breakout” sessions at conferences as a speaker
  • The opportunity for diverse speakers
  • Why being a generalist is dangerous for speakers
  • Why great content rules over speaking skills
  • Giving attendees permission to come and find you instead of trying to sell from the stage
  • Why you need to build relationships before filling out the speaker submission form
  • How to figure out what to speak about
  • Getting on the radar of the conferences by you want to speak at through writing
  • Gene’s 5-day “authority gap” challenge


The Golden Nugget:

“Specialists get chosen to speak because they’re experts. Generalists don't.” – @genehammett Click To Tweet


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