Episode 221:

Most agency owners hope to sell their agency someday down the road. If that’s you, understanding how agencies are evaluated today will help you maximize that opportunity whenever it comes. Even if you aren’t interested in selling, you can and should still be beefing up your agency’s value.

Gina Cocking joins us for this episode to provide an investment banker’s perspective on the valuation and sales process. She’ll walk us through the key items investment firms look for in your agency’s valuation and explain the technical numbers-side. She’ll also help us identify ways you can add value in advance.

Gina is managing director and partner at Colonnade Advisors, a boutique investment banking firm that specializes in mergers and acquisitions in the business services industry. Colonnade has helped many agencies buy and sell, so Gina understands what it takes to help agency owners get the most out of their purchase deals.

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What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • A glimpse inside the process of selling your agency
  • How Colonnade Advisors represents business owners selling their companies
  • The importance of enterprise value, recurring revenue, and client relationships when you sell your agency
  • How your key employees factor into a purchase deal
  • The various elements that increase or diminish an agency’s value in the marketplace
  • How to approach the numbers-side of selling your agency

The Golden Nugget:

“You know you’re ready for sale when you have a company people want to work with—not just because of you, but because of what your company is known for.” Gina Cocking Click To Tweet “In a people business, it is always challenging to keep everybody comfortable with the idea that we’re buying the company but key team members will continue.” Gina Cocking Click To Tweet “The more recurring revenue and contracts you have in place, the higher your agency’s value will be.” Gina Cocking Click To Tweet “Whether we are working to sell a company or advise them on the buy-side, we always look at the tenure and nature of their client relationships.” Gina Cocking Click To Tweet “In the valuation of your agency, scale yields higher multiples, partially due to the fact that bigger agencies are less volatile.” Gina Cocking Click To Tweet

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