Episode 197:

The customer journey, UX, customer experience: buzzwords or actually points of value we can offer clients? I think in the hands of the under-informed and without good data, a process for gathering that data, and a genuine understanding of what the customer journey can tell us, it becomes a matter of hearsay and guesswork.

That isn’t good enough for this week’s guest, so we’re taking the guesswork out of it. I talk with Heidi Trost, owner and CEO of Voice + Code, about how to gather the right data and what to do with it to make that crucial connection between the goals of the customer and the goals of the company.

Heidi Trost has built an agency around those kinds of fixes. Heidi started Voice+Code in 2010 after working at other agencies and being an adjunct professor. She has a passion for helping clients build technology that actually serves their customers and delivers on the experience the customer is seeking. We’re going to dig into all of those topics.

Heidi’s obsession with usability and the user experience began with her award-winning graduate research at Rochester Institute of Technology. Today, her passion is to help businesses measure and optimize the user experience while making the digital realm safe, usable, and accessible.

As a user experience researcher and designer, speaker, and usability expert, Heidi has helped startups and Fortune 500 companies develop digital product strategies that align customer needs with business goals.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • The data and metrics to use in understanding the customer journey
  • The best methodologies for getting input from your clients
  • How to test your assumptions about a customer persona
  • How to set up usability studies
  • How to map out the customer journey
  • Getting realistic about the customer journey
  • What prevents a product or service from achieving a great user experience
  • How to convince clients to invest in research
“Improving user experience is not once and done. The company and product are always evolving. Customers might be changing. So, in response to that, we do multiple usability studies.” – Heidi Trost Click To Tweet “AI will help my agency pinpoint areas of concern so that we can dive deep into those issues, fix them, and then move on to the next thing.” – Heidi Trost Click To Tweet “Good research helps mitigate risk and maximize opportunity.” – Heidi Trost Click To Tweet “It’s not enough to think you understand your clients. You really need to talk to and, even better, observe your clients, to better understand them.” – Heidi Trost Click To Tweet “Agencies and any digital business need to act in the best interest of their clients when it comes to privacy and security.” – Heidi Trost Click To Tweet

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