Episode 267:

It’s an age-old adage – books are a three-dimensional business card. In today’s vernacular (from the book Sell With Authority) a book is an excellent example of cornerstone content. Many agency owners I know are curious about how to become a successful author but have decided they’ll never have the time or space to actually write that book. Josh Steimle has helped many clients recognize that they actually can get that book written and it doesn’t have to take years or be a painful experience.

Josh is an agency owner and former guest (Episode #182). As his agency (MWI) matured and his partners were running the day-to-day operations, Josh decided to explain what it takes to become a book author to grow their businesses just like he had done for his agency.

During our conversation, Josh explains how agency owners can write a book that demonstrates their expertise and allows them to step into their authority position. He then breaks down the book writing process to make it faster, less cumbersome, and very doable for the busy agency owner who wants to learn how to become a successful author.

This is the episode for you if you’d like to add the title “author” to your list of accomplishments. Josh busts many myths and helps the listeners chart a course to getting that first draft done!

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 How to Become a Successful Author | Build your agency’s authority position through authorship

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • If you decide to go with a different keyword, make sure to have the keyword listed in at least one bullet point in bold.
  • How to write a book and use it as cornerstone content
  • Why a book is a strong way to tie your thought leadership and content creation efforts together
  • How to become a successful author so you can build your agency’s position of authority.
  • How Josh helps business owners navigate the book writing process
  • Why being an author and having a book escalates your agency’s growth and creates new opportunities
  • How being an author can actually shorten your sales cycle
  • Different ways you can use storytelling techniques to write a business book
  • How to organize the content/expertise you already have into an outline for your book
“Thought leadership has a lot of potential, and there are so many different places to publish and promote our content. A book is the glue that binds all of our content creation efforts together.” @joshsteimle Click To Tweet “There are three hard parts to writing a book: getting started, finishing it, and everything in between.” @joshsteimle Click To Tweet “If you have tossed around the idea of how to become a successful author, it is easier than you think. A book helps agency leaders propel their businesses in directions they don’t normally get to go.” @joshsteimle Click To Tweet “We’ve had potential clients call us and say, ‘we read your book, we want to work with you, send us a contract.'” @joshsteimle Click To Tweet “Even if it’s a bad book, it takes so much work for agency leaders to get a book done. That is why you need a process for how to become a successful author.” @joshsteimle Click To Tweet

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